This project began with a personal fascination with beer labels and package design. I developed the nautical themed brand Anchors Away Brewing Co. with four unique beer types. As the project progressed I constructed a virtual beer guide while exploring an iPad application layout.
Visual designer
On-spec, 5-week time frame
4 printed labels, handcrafted wooden case, iPad application
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, wood and rope, laser engraver
Looking at other unique packages, beer labels and illustration styles was essential to begin my design process. My goal was to develop four different illustrations each corresponding to an individual flavor of craft beer. Despite the differences of each design, I wanted a consistent brand aesthetic with a repetition of style and subtle elements.
I found myself inspired by graphics that presented a strong sense a harmony. This was due to not only their color schemes but also a consistent illustrative approach and use of typography. I wanted to find a balance between consistency and variation using large-scale stylized illustrations to provide a sense of focus. 
Package Design
iPad Application

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